Art History 106

Survey of Art History: Renaissance to Modern

The Final


Base of the Towers of the World Trade Center, New York City

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The Final will cover the art we discussed in class from the class after the Midterm. The slides lists on this site have been updated with a red dot: to indicate that this image is part of the testing group.

As with the Midterm, half of the Final will consist of five slide comparisons.

As with the Midterm, the other half will consist of an essay which you will research using the material in the text. You may use art that was not discussed in class, but is part of the Western survey portion. You may use one image, in passing, from the first part of the course if you wish. Otherwise, you need to use no fewer than three and no more than five images. There are three essay choices. You are to pick one, write it up in advance and then write it out in class. No notes of any sort are allowed. Duplication of essays among students will cause failure in the final exam and perhaps in the class itself.

The Three Essay Choices

Final Exam for MWF 9:00-9:50: Tuesday, 17 December, 8 a.m.

Final Exam for TR 12:30-1:45: Thursday, 19 December, 1 pm

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