Art History 106

Survey of Art History: Renaissance to Modern

The Midterm


Andrea Mantegna. Ceiling of the Camera Picta, Palazzo Ducale, Mantua

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The Midterm will cover the art we discussed in class from the beginning of the course through the class before the exam.

The Content of the Midterm

First Part there will be five slide comparisons, shown for 5 minutes each.

Second Part The In-class Essay. Here are three topics for a short essay which you will research from our text, prepare at home and then write in class during the exam.

  1. The depiction of the human in art.
  2. Sculpture: developments and interests
  3. Architecture: changes and developments--palace, villa, or church.

You may use works of art in the text (Art Through the Ages) which we did not discuss in class. However, do not go past the point we have reached in class. For each work of art you cite, indicate the name, the artist, and something to indicate the time period.

You may find it useful to discuss this with others in this class; however, make sure that your essays are different--identical essays from any two people will be cause for failure.

DO NOT MISS THE MIDTERM If you do, you must present me with compelling evidence of your good exuse--a note from the doctor (on official stationary), etc. Acceptable excuses do not include trips to the airport, car breakdowns, and oversleeping.

E-MAIL ME ( IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS I will also have office hours on Monday (11:00 to 12:30), and can have some extra ones as well. Note that I will be unavailable on Wednesday for office visits--but you can still e-mail me.

A Sample Slide Comparison

Here is a sample slide comparison (this will look familiar to some people) that might be helpful in organizing your own.

Shown Left Shown Right
Artist: Leonardo da Vinci Artist: Ghirlandaio
Title/Subject: Mona Lisa Title/Subject: A Young Woman
Date: High Renaissance Date: Early Renaissance
Essay: "These paintings are being compared because they are both portraits of young women. Ghirlandaio's portrait shows a traditional representation of a woman as the new wife of the groom: she is shown in profile, decorated with the family jewelry and surrounded by objects that relate to her virtues. Mona Lisa is Leonardo's revolutionary interpretation of this standard type: she turns to look at us, isolated and mysterious against a landscape that stretches to the horizon and the end of the world."

Here is another Sample Comparison

Shown Left Shown Right
Artist: Michelangelo Artist: Michelangelo
Title/Subject: David Title/Subject: The Bound Slave
Date: High Renaissance Date: High Renaissance
Essay: "Both of these over life-size statues of nude men are by Michelangelo. Each was designed for a monumental project that was never completed: the David for one of the buttresses of the Cathedral of Florence, and the Bound Slave for the tomb of Pope Julius II. [You could finish with a reference to the style and treatment of the statues: contropposto, references to ancient art; or finished vs. unfinished.]

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