Art History 106

Survey of Art History: Renaissance to Modern

Schedule of Lectures

Schedule of Lectures

Leonardo da Vinci. Angel from Virgin of the Rocks
Circa 1483/1486.

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Because there are two sections of Art 106 the schedule is described here on a week by week basis. These lectures are outlined below, with links to a list of the works covered that you are expected to know.

Love lists of dates? Take a look at the University Calender for this semester [Link taken down]

Week One: 28 to 30 August

Week Two: 2 to 6 September

Week Three: 9 to 13 September

Week Four: 16 to 20 September

Week Five: 23 to 27 September

Week Six: 30 September to 4 October

Week Seven: 7 to 11 October

Week Eight: 14 to 18 October

Week Nine: 21 to 25 October

Week Ten: 28 October to 1 November

Week Eleven: 4 to 8 November

Week Twelve: 11 to 15 November

Week Thirteen: 18 to 22 November

Week Fourteen: 25 to 29 November

Week Fifteen: 2 to 6 December

Week Sixteen: 9 to 13 December

Final Exam for MWF 9:00-9:50: Tuesday, 17 December, 8 a.m.

Final Exam for TR 12:30-1:45: Thursday, 19 December, 10:30 a.m.

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