Fine Arts 160

Understanding the Visual Arts

On the Final


The Villa Schifanoia, San Domenico di Fiesole.
An early 20th century Renaissance villa.

Course Description and Requirements
On the Lectures
Art History Resources On the Web
Resources in Art History for Graduate students
The Perseus Project
Art Historians' Guide to the Movies
The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
The Art Institute of Chicago
On the sacking of the Baghdad Museum

On the Final

The Final will proceed very like the Midterm. You have three essay possibilities. You will need to work up two of these on your own. When you come into class, you will be given two of the three; you will write up one of these.

The essay must be the equivalent of three typewritten pages (no big writing--I can tell).

You need to discuss six to eight works of art. No more than two of these can be by the same artist.

Remember that you can use any work of art in the text or that was discussed in class and is on the page of the List of Works of Art.

It will be best to discuss the art in chronological order--that is, by date. For most questions you will be showing progression or development or change of some sort.

Here are the essay topics for the Final:

  1. We have discussed the historical interest in modernism--that is, the fascination again and again with being "modern." What for you is modern art? You can make a case for any period or movement, but you must make an argument and support it with clearly explained examples.
  2. Assemble an art exhibition. Pretend that you have access to any and all works of art, and unite a select few (6-8, as above) into a "paper" show that exists only in your exam essay. You will need to have a theme. Explain also how your exhibition space will be used.
  3. Review what the text has to say about "naive" or "untrained" artists. You have now had a fair amount of exposure to such artists in the text and at the Kentucky Folk Art Center. Select 4-6 artists and write your essay on the styles of these artists and what we can learn from them.

When is the Final?

Fine Arts 160.01 MWF1

The Final is Tuesday, May 10 at 10:15-12:15.

Fine Arts 160.06 MW

The Final is Monday May 9 at 3:00-5:00 pm.

Fine Arts 160.07 TTh

The Final is Friday May 13 at 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Remember each Final period is two hours long. Remember that if you leave the room for any reason during the Final you will not be allowed back in.


Here are some of the UNACCEPTABLE excuses: have to take a friend to the airport, my car broke down, I overslept, have to drop off/pick up my child, I forgot, had to see a man about a dog.

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