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Understanding the Visual Arts



The Director of the Baghdad Museum after it was ransacked.

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This is the first of an irregular series of bulletins about what is happening in and outside of class. First, the Artist Lecture Talk Requirement. You are to attend one talk given by an artist explaining his or her work. You will then write up an essay about the artist and the art. You will want to report on what the artist has to say on his or her art, and you will want to comment upon both the presentation and the art. This is due ONE WEEK from the date of the talk.

*More on the Gallery Talk Paper Requirement in General*

This is the second Newsletter!

Go to an Art Opening!

Whay happens at a reception? you ask The artist or artists appear, often with adoring friends and family. There is some sort of buffet, which often provides something close to dinner for hungry students. It is the opportunity to see an artist surrounded by his art and members of his public.

  • Here is your first artist lecture opportunity: at 3 p.m. on Monday, January 31, Beth Blake, assistant professor at East Carolina University and a visiting artist associated with the upcoming exhibition "Town and Country: The Landscape in Contemporary Art" will give a lecture/presentation on her art in Room 111.

    She will be visiting during our Fine Arts class 160, and all students from all of the other Fine Arts 160 classes are invited to attend for their own enjoyment or in order to complete the essay for our course. As I should have mentioned in class by this point, I am going to bring an artist in to lecture to each of our classes.


    This is the third Newsletter!

    Spender Bohren

    • Spencer Bohren
    • MSU Artist-In-Residence
    • February 14 - 18
    Schedule of Events: February 14 - 18
    Shadowbox art exhibition in the Art Gallery of the Art Building (free admission/9:00am to 4:00pm). This is first come, first served.
    Monday, February 14

    Artist Lecture on Shadow Box Art This will take place in the Art Building at 3pm
    This is the Fine Arts 160 class. Those students from other sections of the course who have not yet written the artist lecture paper are encouraged to attend this event in order to do so.

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