Art History 204

Art of the Ancient World

Fall, 2000


Wounded Lioness of Ashurbanipal.
detail from the reliefs at the royal palace at Nineveh. ca. 668-627 B.C.

Course Description and Requirements
Schedule of Lectures
List of Monuments
Art History Resources On the Web
The Perseus Project
Art Historians' Guide to the Movies
The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum


The Final will be set up just like the Midterm, with a section of identifications, slide comparisons, and short-answer questions.

A word about the Final: you must take the Final in order to complete this course. No one will be given an early Final; and if you miss our great rendevous you will receive a 0 as a grade. Oversleeping, car trouble, family trouble, airplane reservations, are only the beginning of the list of excuses that will not be accepted for missing our last party.

Please also note: Once you enter the room to take the exam, you must remain there until you finish. That is, no breaks!


For the TTh, 8:30-9:50 class: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12 AT 8:00. EXAM TIME LASTS UNTIL 9:50.

For the TTh, 1:00-2:20 class: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14 AT NOON. EXAM LASTS UNTIL 1:50.


Photo above from Art Images for College Teaching

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