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Florence and the Medici

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Villa Schifanoia, San Domenico di Fiesole
Primarily a reconstruction of a Renaissance villa, ca. 1926.

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Lectures and Web Sites for this Course

NO. 1
Jan. 5
Introduction to the Course Course Web site; Burckhardt Web site
WEBSITE Burckhardt: "The Discovery of the World and of Man" Read further as you feel inclined
No. 2
Jan. 7
The Landscape of Florence I: Basic Layout Hibbert: 19-63
WEBSITE Please look over
No. 3
Jan. 10
Landscape of Florence II: The Palazzo Vecchio, the Piazza Signoria and the Duomo Gombrich, "The early Medici as patrons of art: a survey of primary sources"
No. 4
Jan. 12
Landscape of Florence III: Medici Territory in Florence: San Lorenzo, Piazza Ss Annunziata
No. 5
Jan. 14
Cosimo "Pater Patriae" and early Medici art patronage Hibbert: 64-78; Brown, "The Humanist Portrait of Cosimo de'Medici Pater Patriae"
No. 6
Jan. 19
Cosimo and San Lorenzo Hibbert: 79-99; Fraser Jenkins
No. 7
Jan. 21
San Marco continued As above
No. 8
Jan. 24
Early Domestic Architecture in Florence and the Medici Palace Turner; Heydenreich: 25-33; Looper
WEBSITE Florentine Domestic Architecture Look over for 14th and 15th century palaces
No. 8
Jan. 24
No. 9
Jan. 26
Palazzo Rucellai and the New Palaces of Florence Forster: 109-113 (AB vol. 68 (1976)
WEB SITE CAA Review of Jacqueline Musacchio's Art and Ritual of Childbirth in Renaissance Italy Browse the Reviews for other topics
No. 10
Jan. 28
Tomb Monuments in Florence at Mid-Century Look over: Chapel of the Cardinal of Portugal
WEBSITE Tomb of the Cardinal of Portugal Tomb with a View "a quarterly newsletter"
No. 11
Jan. 31
Donatello and the Medici Vasari's Life of Donatello; Bennett and Wilkins
No. 12
Feb. 2
Donatello and the Medici Language of Power One article from three listed
Midterm Here are the Midterm Essay Questions Due in class, Monday Feb. 7
No. 13
Feb. 4
Portraiture I: Sculpture Avery; Lavin
WEB SITE: Portrait Busts A Little Boy by Desiderio da Settignano; Giuliano de'Medici by Verrocchio; Beatrice of Aragon by Francesco Laurana
No. 14
Feb. 7
Portraiture II: Painting One article from the group listed
No. 15
Feb. 9
Piero "Il Gottoso" Wright
No. 16
Feb. 11
Lorenzo Builds Elam and Kent
No. 16
Feb. 11
WEB SITE Pliny the Younger on country life PLEASE READ
No. 17
Feb. 14
Lorenzo il Magnifico: the Joust of Love and Early Humanism Hankins and one other
WEB SITE Pico della Mirandola: Oration on the Dignity of Man Please Read
No. 18
Feb. 16
Humanism under Lorenzo Hankins and one other
No. 19
Feb. 18
Life in the Villa Ackerman; Pellecchia is optional
No. 20
Feb. 21
Sculpture for the Medici: Verrocchio Avery, (7); skim the Verrocchio books
No. 21
Feb. 23
The End of the Republican Medici and Republican Florence Rubenstein and one other
No. 22
Feb. 25
Cosimo I: the Last of the Old and the First of the New Medici van Veen
No. 23
Feb. 28
Michelangelo and the Medici and Florence Avery (8)
No. 24
March 1
No. 25
March 3
Michelangelo: San Lorenzo, the New Sacristy Read at least one of the articles listed
No. 26
March 6
Sculpture in Florence from circa 1530 Avery (10-12); Life of Benvenuto Cellini
No. 27
March 8
No. 27
March 8
Cosimo I: The Chapel of Eleonora and the Portraiture of Bronzino Hibbert (finish), McCorquodale; Cox-Rearick
No. 28
March 10
Vasari as Court Artist to Cosimo I

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