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On the Midterm

The Midterm and the Final will use the same format. You will be given 3 questions from which you will choose one. You will work up an essay from any sources you deem useful to compose your own, individual response. Please note the importance of the last three words of that sentence. You may use any of the resources on reserve, even if they have not been used in class. You may cite individual authors if you wish, and in fact one of the ideas of this essay is that you will demonstrate your own thoughtful reading, but be sure to indicate your sources.

To note sources here, just put the author's name in parenthesis with the page numbers, ie, (Avery: 33-37) At the end of the paper list the full source information in the proper style.

Books and articles have been placed on reserve in the Art Library to help you compose this essay. I will be looking at how you use the sources available to you to craft a cogent short paper. This paper should be the equivalent of from 2 to 4 typewritten pages, or about 700 to 1400 words. You may provide illustrations if you wish, but obviously they will not count as part of the text.

Please note that this essay is due in class on Monday, February 7.

Late Exams will not be accepted.

Midterm Questions

Please pick a topic outside of the area of your paper.

  • Discuss tradition, changes, and developments in domestic architecture in Florence to about 1490. Discuss at least three structures.
  • Discuss Cosimo de'Medici's involvement with the monastery of San Marco. Think in terms of architecture and painting.
  • Discuss Cosimo de'Medici's patronage of Donatello.


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