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Course Description: This course surveys the arts of Greece and Rome and their territories from the Aegean Bronze Age through the Roman Imperial period. Special consideration will be given to topics such as the figure in Greek art, the Parthenon, the development of Roman architecture with a special focus on building types, and Pompeii. Another aspect of this course will be the use of several WWW sites as part of our study. The Web offers an enormous array of sites for all areas of ancient studies; notable examples include "Perseus" for ancient Greek art and the Romarch collections. We will use these and several others as part of our exploration of certain special topics.

The Course Web Site This is located at: ( Here you will find the full syllabus, including the schedule and the requirements, explanations of the quizzes, the exams, and the papers. There will also be various links and illustrations to help you with your studying. The links will include short readings which are also required for the class. You are required to use the Web site. From after the first week of the class all students enrolled in the course are assumed to have read and understood the workings of the Web site. If you have questions, please ask, in class or out.

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