Please note that this quarter schedule is in the process of being revised for a semester schedule course.


Greek Art

Week One:
	Lecture 1:	From Geometric to Early Archaic Art
	Robertson: 1-22

	Lecture 2:	Archaic
	Robertson: 23-39

Week Two
	Lecture 3:	Late Archaic and Early Classical: Sculpture
	Robertson: 40-60
	Pollitt: 3-14

	Lecture 4:	Early Classical: Painting
	Robertson: 60-79
	Pollitt: 15-63.

Week Three
	Lecture 5	Early Classical: Architecture
	Robertson: 79-89
	Pollitt: as above

	Lecture 6	The Parthenon
	Robertson: 90-106
	Pollitt: 64-110

Week Four
	Lecture 7	Later Fifth Century Art and Architecture
	Robertson; 106-130
	Pollitt: 111-135

	Lecture 8	The Fourth Century
	Robertson: 131-156
	Pollitt: 136-196

Week Five
	Lecture 9	Late Classical to Hellenistic I
	Robertson: 157-208
	Pollitt: as above

	Lecture 10	Late Classical to Hellenistic II
	Robertson: as above
Week Six
	Lecture 11	Midterm

Roman Art

	Lecture 12	Origins of Rome and the Etruscans
	Ramage: 9-43

Week Seven
	Lecture 13	Republican Rome
	Ramage: 44-65

	Lecture 14	Republican Rome
	Ramage: 65-79

Week Eight
	Lecture 15	Imperial Rome: the Augustan Age
	Ramage: 80-103

	Lecture 16	The Julio-Claudians and the Flavians
	Ramage: 104-139

Week Nine
	Lecture 17	Pompeii and Herculaneum
	Ramage: 140-149
	Also: John B. Ward-Perkins, Pompeii AD 79 (selections)

	Lecture 18	Trajan to Hadrian
	Ramage: 150-193
	Also: Robert Mark and Paul Hutchinson, "On the Structure of the Roman 		
	Pantheon", Art Bulletin, vol. 68 (1986): 22-34.
*William L. McDonald, The Pantheon: 11-92. *Paul Davies and David Hemsoll, "The Pantheon: Triumph of Rome or Triumph of Compromise", Art History, vol. 10 (1987): 133-153. Week Ten Lecture 19 Later Roman Art Ramage: 194-251 Lecture 20 Christian Rome Reading: R. Krautheimer, "Rome and Constantine" and his "The Christianization of Rome and the Romanization of Christianity" both from Rome: Profile of a City: 3-58.

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