Art History 337

Fifteenth-Century Italian Renaissance Art

The List of Monuments : Page 2

Chapter 9

Fra Angelico. Annunciation and Scenes from the Life of the Virgin. c. 1432-1434.

Fra Angelico. Descent from the Cross. Completed c. 1434.

Fra Angelico. Madonna and Child with Saints (aka The San Marco Altarpiece). c. 1438-1440. Includes the predella panel Miracle of the Deacon Justinian aka Miracle of the Re-attached Leg.

Fra Angelico. Annunciation. 1438-1445. Fresco. "Monastery" of San Marco, Florence. Other views also.

Fra Lippo Lippi. Annunciation c. 1440.

Fra Lippo Lippi. Madonna and Child with Two Angels. c. 1445 or mid to late 1460s.

Fra Lippo Lippi. Madonna and Child with Birth of the Virgin 1452.

Fra Lippo Lippi. The Adoration of the infant Jesus. Late 1450s.

Chapter 10

(Leone Battista) Alberti. Self-Portrait. Bronze medal. c. 1435.

Alberti. The Malatesta Temple (church of San Francesco), Rimini.
Relief sculpture by Agostino di Duccio for the Malatesta Temple.

Alberti. Palazzo Rucellai, Florence, 1452-1458, with its Loggia, 1457-1466.

Alberti. Upper facade of Santa Maria Novella, Florence. c. 1461--1470.

Alberti. Sant'Andrea, Mantua. Designed 1470. Interior view also.

Architect unknown. Palazzo Cancelleria, Rome. Designed before 1489, completed c. 1511.
Here it is. The Courtyard Compare with the courtyard of the Palazzo Medici in Florence.

Bernardo Rossellino. Buildings for Pienza: the Cathedral and the Papal Palace. 1459-1462.
The Papal Palace.

Architect unknown. Palazzo Pitti, Florence. Original structure begun 1458.
What it looks like now after centuries of expansion.

Lorenzo Ghiberti. The "Gates of Paradise", formerly on the Baptistery of Florence.
There's a copy of this on the exterior of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco

Luca della Robbia Cantoria for Florence Cathedral. (Now in the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo). Marble. 1431-1438.

Luca della Robbia. Portrait of a Young Woman. (Right)

Luca della Robbia. Madonna and Child .

Donatello. Cantoria for Florence Cathedral. (Now in the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo). Marble and mosaic. 1433-1439.

Donatello. Atys-Amorino. Bronze, with gilding. c. 1435-1440.

Donatello. Annunciation. Limestone and terracotta with gilding. 1430s. Church of Santa Croce, Florence.

Donatello. David. Bronze, with gilding. Date??? has been dated from the 1420s to the 1460s.

Donatello. Equestrian monument to Erasmo da Narni, aka Gattamelata. Bronze. c. 1445-1453. Piazza del Santo, Padua.

Donatello. Miracle of the Believing Donkey and St. Anthony Healing the Wrathful Son. Bronze. From the project for the high altar, church of Il Santo.

Bernardo Rossellino. Tomb monument for Leonardo Bruni. c. 1445. White and colored marbles. Church of Santa Croce, Florence. A Web site for this, with details. Click on the images to enlarge.

Bernardo Rossellino. Portrait Bust of Saint John the Baptist

Mino da Fiesole. Portrait Bust of Piero de'Medici. Marble. 1453.

Antonio Rossellino. Portrait Bust of Giovanni Chellini. Marble. 1456.

Antonio Rossellino. Portait Bust of Matteo Palmieri. 1468
Francesco Botticini. Assumption of the Virgin. 1475. This contains a portrait of the honoree, Matteo Palmieri. (See below)

Chapter 11

We considered every work of art in the text EXCEPT:

  • Andrea del Castagno, Pippo Spano (Fig. 11.14)

A bit about Urbino under Federigo da Montefeltro, the Duke, and Battista Sforza, the Duchess:

Our Northern Friends

  • Jan Van Eyck. Man in a Red Turban, 1433.
  • Hubert and Jan van Eyck, The Ghent Altarpiece (closed, open, detail). Completed 1432. Cathedral of St. Bavo, Ghent.
  • Hugo van der Goes. Portinari Altarpiece. circa 1476. Brought from Flanders and installed in a church in Florence: important as evidence of the interest in Northern art in Italy and for its influence on Italian artists.

Chapter 12

We considered every work of art in the text EXCEPT:

  • Desiderio da Settignano. Tomb of Carlo Marsuppini (12.9-12.10)
  • Antonio Manetti, Giuliano da Maiano, and others: Intarsia of the Florence Cathedral (12.18)
  • Benedetto da Maiano. Palazzo Strozzi (12.19, 12.20)
  • Francesco Pesellino. The Triumph of Love, Chastity, and Death. (12.32)

More on Sculpture

We have looked previously at the genre of the portrait bust (see above). Consider two artists who have recently been honored with special exhibitions: