Art History 337

Fifteenth-Century Italian Renaissance Art

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Death Mask of Lorenzo de'Medici. 1492.
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On the Quizzes

There will be four short Quizzes, which will be writing exercises, most in support of the paper.

The first Quiz involves a paper written about a 15th-century work of art (painting or sculpture) in the Lowe Museum of Art. You have each been given a list of these works, with the relevant factual information. You are to write a one to one and a half page paper recording your response to a work you have chosen.

  1. First step is to visit the museum (remember that the Lowe is closed on Mondays) and select your work. Stand (or sit or crouch) in front of it and regard it closely, recording what you see as notes. Consider: What is the subject, how is it portrayed, how detailed is the scene or object, how large is the work of art--and whatever else you notice.
  2. Then look through our text and find one or two (not more) and compare and contrast the Lowe work with the other(s).
  3. Write up your observations in a paper : 1 inch margins, no bigger than 12 point type, no more than double spacing.
  4. Due: October 2

The Second Quiz will be Thursday, October 25. This will consist of two pairs of slide comparisons. The quiz will cover Chapter 9 (from Fra Lippo Lippi) through Chapter 10.

  1. You must identify each work of art by artist, title, date (within five years), and location if it is a permanently installed work such as a building, large-scale sculpture, or a fresco.
  2. Then you will write a short essay--about three sentences about the two works together. First, answer the question "Why are these two works of art being compared?" Then go on to back up your statement with other relevant observations. These can point out differences between the two works as well as similarities.

The Third Quiz consisted of two pairs of slide comparisons.

The Fourth Quiz is an art history paper of about two pages on one or more of the subjects in pages 1-70 Michael Baxandall's Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Italy. This is due in class Nov. 20.


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