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Course Description and Requirements

Description of the Course: This is a survey of painting, sculpture, and architecture in Italy from about 1480 to about 1600; or, from Leonardo to Michelangelo and Titian. Special attention will be paid to the major artists and movements of the sixteenth century in Florence, Venice, and Rome, with additional consideration of the arts of the courts.

Goals for the Course At the completion of the course, students will have a more than basic understanding of topics such as:

Prerequisite: Art History 132 or an equivalent survey of Art History covering the period Early to Late Renaissance (ie, 1400-1600). Texts:

  1. Frederick Hartt and David G. Wilkins History of Italian Renaissance Art., 6th ed., 2006. Note that this includes coverage for 15th century art, which will allow us to do some background work and will give you an additional resource.
  2. Robert Klein and Henri Zerner, eds. Italian Art 1500-1600: Sources and Documents. Northwestern University Press, 1990.
  3. There will also be readings from Giorgio Vasari's Lives of the Artists and a few individual articles.

Requirements for the Course: There will be five quizzes (20 points each), a midterm, a short paper (6-8 pages for Section MWF; 8-10 pages for Section TTh) and a final. Each will be worth 25% of your final grade. Note the individual pages below devoted to describing each of these. There will be no make-ups for missed quizzes. There will be NO MAKE-UPS GIVEN FOR THE MIDTERM OR FINAL EXAMS SAVE FOR THE EXCEPTIONS LISTED BELOW.


These written exceptions from the doctor, coach, etc, must be presented to the professor on the first day of your return to class.

ATTENDANCE is required, will be taken, and will be counted toward your final grade. Students who arrive late or leave early may, at the discretion of the instructor, also be counted as absent. You may miss up to THREE classes without penalty. After that, you can be penalized by a reduction of 5% in your final grade for each day missed.

  • Please note that students are expected to attend class every scheduled day. Note that the schedule and the dates of quizzes, exams, and work due may be changed. Students who schedule extra vacations or other days off do so at the risk of incurring penalties for an unexcused absence and/or missed work.
  • Please check the Academic Calendar for information on adding, dropping, grade options and other academic dates and obligations.
  • No laptops, iPods, or any other such electronic device may be used in class. Please turn off cell phones in class.
  • CHEATING AND PLAGIARISM: the instructor reserves the right to fail any student in the course for any incident of cheating or plagiarism.
  • GRADING: The numerical scale is: 100-90 is an A; 89 is A-; 88-87 is a B+; 86-80 is a B; 79 is a B-; 78-77 is a C+; 76-70 is a C; 69 is a C-; 68-67 is a D+; 66-60 is a D; and 59 and below is an F.

    Index of Art 338 Course Site

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    The Research Paper
    16th-Century Italian Ren Bibliography
    NEWS about Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture
    Art History Courses Page
    A Guide to Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture
    Honors Section: Paper Project
    Monuments List
    For both sections
    Honors Section: Midterm
    Illustration: (Top right) Michelangelo, Doni Madonna, ca. 1503. 	

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