The paper for this class is intended to be an exploration of a particular subject or problem concerning, usually, a work of art by one of the major artists of the sixteenth century. We will discuss this in more detail in class, but it is important to say that you will be guided to produce a paper of about 6-8 pages that conforms to the standard structure of an undergraduate semi-research paper.

To Begin the Paper

The first step in writing your paper is to select a topic. Please look through the 16th-century portion of our text for inspiration if you haven't anything in mind already. I have put together a short list of suggestions that should be doable. Please note that I would like each student to work on a unique topic, so if there are two students longing to work on Michelangelo's designs for the toaster I expect the two to duke it out until one wins.

The length of the above list is not to overwhelm you but to give you an idea of the many choices available. Avoid, however, the temptation to spend all of your time thinking about making the perfect choice. Look through the text (and perhaps some of the titles on reserve) and pick something.

You will need to inform me of your choice by Monday, 5 February. Please write up your choice as a one-half page explanation. You may hand this in earlier if you wish.

Next Step? I'll Let You Know Soon!

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