Please note that the lecture schedule below is liable (nay, doomed) to change, but we will cover the material indicated. See the Current Academic Calendar for deadlines including adding, dropping, and withdrawing. A General Note on the Reading: Readings are indicated for each week. Note also that at the main text (History of Italian Renaissance Art) comes with maps and a Glossary. You are expected to use the correct terminology as expressed in the texts and the lectures in your exams and writing.

Week One: January 16-18

Background: the film, The Power of the Past Or The Agony and the Ecstacy. Also, explore the course Web site.
Reading: Chapter One: Prelude

Week Two: January 22-26

Background to Leonardo:
Reading: Hartt, Verrocchio, 332-336; Botticelli, 337-353
Begin Leonardo: 445-468
Vasari's Life of Leonardo

Week Three: January 29-February 2

First Quiz Continue Leonardo
'New evidence' on Mona Lisa model From the BBC.

Week Four: February 5-9 February
Begin Michelangelo: Reading: Hartt, 469-478 ALSO: Klein & Zerner: "Leonardo on the Paragone": 4-9.

Week Five: February 12-16
Reading: Hartt, Perugino, 375-379;
Raphael in Perugia and Florence, 479-483

Week Six: February 19-23
Reading: Hartt, The High Renaissance in Rome, 492-502;
Michelangelo 1505-1516, 503-521

Week Seven: February 26-March 2
Reading: Raphael in Rome, 521-547


Week Eight: March 5-9 
Continue Raphael

Week Nine: March 12-16

Off to Italy...!

Week Ten: March 19-23
Reading: Chapter 18, High Renaissance and Mannerism
Michelangelo 1516-1533

Week Eleven: March 26-30
Reading: [Mannerists and Others] : 561-597

Week Twelve April 2-6
Continue as above

Week Thirteen: April 9-13
Reading: Chaper 19: High and Late Renaissance in Venice and on the Mainland, 598-

Week Fourteen: April 16-20
Continue Venice

Week Fifteen: April 23-27
Reading: Chapter 20: Michelangelo and the Maniera, 656-691

End of the Course

The Final for Section F (MWF 1:15-2:15) is : Monday, May 7 11:00 am to 1:30 p.m.

The Final for Section S (TTh 3:30-4:45) is : Thursday May 3 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Please note that no early exams will be given

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(Above Right) Michelangelo's David after the November 1966 flood.

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