The Monuments List

This will be a list of the works of art shown in Art History 338. Those that will be tested will be from the sixteenth century. Most of these images will be found in our main text, but some may be from other sources, which will be mentioned here.

Background: Ancient Rome and Medieval and Fifteenth-Century Florence

Botticelli and Verrocchio

Read over the Hartt/Wilkins chapters on these artists. For Botticelli, pay special attention to: The Adoration of the Magi (1470s), tondo paintings such as (1480); the mythological paintings, and the portraits.

For Verrocchio, consider the problems of The Baptism of Christ, of circa 1475/76, The Lady with the 
Flowers, and the David.

The High Renaissance in Florence (Chapter 16)

Leonardo da Vinci

For Leonardo, and for all of the 16th-century artists, you will be expected to be familiar with the Hartt/Wilkins text and to demonstrate this familiarity in all written and oral work. You should know dates to about within five years.

Michelangelo to about 1505

Raphael in (Urbino), Perugia, and Florence

The High Renaissance (Chapter 17)

Bramante and the new language of High Renaissance architecture

Domestic Architecture Precedents and Bramante Influence

Michelangelo 1505 to 1516

Raphael in Rome

The High Renaissance and Mannerism (Chapter 18)

Michelangelo 1516-1533

Defining Mannerism (Architecture)

Defining Mannerism (Painting)



High and Late Renaissance in Venice and on the Mainland (Chapter 19)

Giovanni Bellini



Venetian Sculpture

Venetian Architecture

Late Michelangelo (Chapter 20)

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