The Quizzes

There will be five quizzes during this course. They will be worth 20 points each for a total of 100 points credit. Most of these will be given in class; the exact format will be revealed at the appropriate time. Please note that there will be no make-ups for the quizzes for any reason.

Here begins the list and description of quizzes.

  1. First Quiz: This is a self-directed writing assignment. Please go to the Lowe Museum and select a painting from the late fifteenth to sixteenth century. You will write a one-page essay on this painting, starting with the factual information: artist, title, medium, provenance (if given). This is about one paragraph.
    Then, I'd like you to write about three paragraphs of an essay on your understanding and reaction to the painting. You are free to write as you wish, as long as you produce a coherent essay.
    Technicalities: All papers are to be typed, double-spaced, with one inch margins and using a font no bigger than 12 pt. Due: February 12, in class. You may hand it in earlier if you wish. Worth 20 points.
  2. Second Quiz: This will use the slide comparison format. You will be shown two pairs of slides. For each pair you will first identify: the artist, name of the work of art, its date (within five years) and its location, if it is a building, a fresco, or other permanently installed work of art.

    Then you will write a short essay (about three sentences) on the comparison. You will first indicate why the two works are being compared and then you go on to back up your comparison, point out other similarities, or describe differences or other notable qualities. Do not try to tell me everything you know about the works of art. Each comparison will be shown for five minutes.

(Above right) Bartolommeo Ammanati. Juno, detail from the dismantled Juno Fountain. mid-16th
 century. Florence, Museo Bargello.

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