On the Michelangelo Papers

Students' work in this course will be devoted to two types of response: participation in the seminar discussions and the satisfactory completion of written work. For the three shorter papers, the standards and requirements will be the same. The requirements for the longer paper will vary somewhat according to the student's status.

The 3 shorter papers

The first paper will center around a work by Michelangelo before 1500--that is, before the David of Florence.

The subjects of the other two papers are to be determined, and will be revealed to the students in good time.

The Longer Paper

For third- and fourth-year students, the paper will be 7-10 pages in length, with full bibliographic apparatus: footnotes, bibliography, and illustrations.

For graduate students, the paper needs to be 10-15 pages, again with full bibliographic apparatus. Note that for each category, this requirement stands for each student regardless of major.

Paper Apparatus

For both groups, the paper needs to be set up with 1" (one inch> margins on all sides, numbered pages, and 12 point type.

Students need to be careful about using sources, and there will be some coverage in class on this subject. Students should also take a look at the relevant portions of books such as Sylvan Barnet's A Short Guide to Writing About Art (any edition).

Topics for the Longer Paper

These are suggestions--you may have other ideas--but they should be able to be done without having to ask for an ILL from the Bibliotecta Nazionale in Florence.

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