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Florence and the Medici

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Palazzo Davanzati.
Mostly 15th Century.

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It has been said that as of about 1960, over 250,000 books and articles had been written about Rome. The numbers for Florence cannot be much smaller. The titles listed here are for your information and may prove to be useful in writing your paper.

Historical Studies of Florence and the Medici: to Cosimo I

Historical Studies of Florence and the Medici: Cosimo I and after

Studies of sixteenth-century and later Florence were rare until Eric Cochrane's book (see below) and the 1980 Council of Europe exhibitions on Florence under Cosimo I. In art history, this has led to new interest in Giorgio Vasari as artist, courtier, and author.

Considerations of Medici (and related) Patronage

Men, Women, and the Family in Renaissance Florence

Over the past twenty years or so, this category has grown from a forgotten subject to one of perhaps limitless expansion. In addition to their general interest, these titles could give support to studies of portraiture or genre.

A Brief Selection of Titles on Renaissance Art Relating to Florence

This is the most general selection, and does not include titles on individual artists. Check the bibliography in Hartt for a large selection of basic titles. My Vasari online site has a bibliography page for most of the artists. For the most up-to-date material, you will be using library sources such as the BHA online catalog to do your research. Remember to investigate the bibliographies of individual texts also.

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After you have written the Paper

Some Basic Guides to Florence

Let's Move to the Italian Countryside and Be Artists/Cooks/Intellectuals/Academics at Play

A genre most active among the British. Most of these titles were originally found on the token English-language books table at Seeber Bookstore in Florence. Some examples listed here; fiction and non-fiction titles together:

Italians Look at Themselves and Us

A distinctive sub-genre that requires some ambition and some patience on the part of the U.S. reader, who will probably find, at first, the Italians even more strange than first he realized, with their obsessions with their hometowns, specific kinds of food, and their resigned expectations of suffering from any contact with the government--the only more painful experience being that provided by the foreigners among them. (Bernard Berenson, the Lithuanian/US expat who lived most of his life in Italy once tried to explain to a Florentine store clerk that Mussolini was probably going to hand over Italy to the Germans and that therefore the Italians should support the Allies. She looked at him pityingly and replied, "Oh, signore, for us all foreigners are equally hateful.")

Italy During the War

WWII is fading fast from everyone's memory, but there are several well-written titles that deserve to be remembered.

Pretty Books on Florence and Tuscany


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