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You will be responsible for all works of art shown in each class. These will come primarily from our text, but other images may be shown. These will then be posted here, by date. I am going to try to link some of them to images on the Web. However, the book is extremely well-illustrated and there are also links to various works of art on the Schedule page. Figure numbers will not be listed. Please note: these lists may be posted some days after the lecture reflected here. These lists are not replacements for attendance.

Slide Lists for August 23 to September 3

Introduction to the Course; Ancient Heritage

The Ancient Roman Tradition

Refer to the text for most of this. Be familiar with the following:

Early Christian Architecture

Consider the building requirements of the newly-recognized and newly-powerful Church. Why not use Roman temples as churches? What was the attraction of round buildings, and why were they also impractical?

Jewish and Christian Art Before Constantine

Above right: The Church of Santa Sabina, Rome (the Avetine Hill), exterior view. 
About 355.

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