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Modern and Contemporary Art History

On the Midterm

The Midterm

Gustave Caillebotte. Paris: Rainy Day. 1877.
This painting lives at The Art Institute of Chicago

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ON THE Midterm

The Midterm will cover the material discussed in class from the first day of the course to the class before the Midterm. The format of the Midterm will an essay. About a week before the exam, you will be given three broadly-focused questions. From these, you will choose to prepare two. For each of these you will create an essay, with a theme and a conclusion. You will need to use a minimum of six, to a maximum of eight, works of art. These each must be discussed in enough detail to show that you have a good understanding of both the artist and the work you are reviewing.

When you come in for the exam, you will be given a sheet with two of the three questions listed; you will not be told in advance which two of the three will be on the sheet. From these two, you will choose one to write about during the exam period. No images will be shown.

Please note that you must hand in both the blue book and the question sheet after you complete the exam, or at the end of the exam period. If you do not return the question sheet, you will fail the exam.


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