Art History 399

Modern and Contemporary Art History

Schedule of Lectures

Schedule of Lectures and Readings

Gustave Caillebotte. Paris: Rainy Day. 1877.
This painting lives at The Art Institute of Chicago

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This schedule combines the list of our lectures and the readings. Please note that this schedule is somewhat tentative; however, we will cover the material required. To best enjoy and participate in the classes students should come to class having done the appropriate readings. Please read along in Arnason with the lectures

Lecture Schedule

Week One:
	Lecture 1:	Introduction to the course; Realism, Impressionism, and Early Photography

	Lecture 2:	Realism, Impressionism, and Early Photography
	         Reading: Arnason, 1-45.

Week Two
	Lecture 3:	Post-Impressionism
	         Reading: Arnason, continue with the chapters. 

	Lecture 4:	Origins of Modern Architecture

Week Three
	Lecture 5	Art Nouveau and the Beginnings of Expressionism

	Lecture 6	The Origins of Modern Sculpture

Week Four
	Lecture 7	Fauvism
	Lecture 8	Expressionism in Germany

Week Five
	Lecture 9	The Figurative Tradition in Early Twentieth-Century Sculpture

	Lecture 10	Cubism
Week Six
	Lecture 11	Midterm The Midterm is explained HERE
	Lecture 12	Futurism, Abstraction in Russia, and de Stijl
Week Seven
	Lecture 13	Early Twentieth-Century Architecture

	Lecture 14	From Fantasy to Dada and the New Objectivity
Week Eight
	Lecture 15	The School of Paris After World War I
	Lecture 16	Surrealism 
Salvador Dali on "What's My Line?"
Week Nine Lecture 17 Modern Architecture Between the Wars Lecture 18 International Abstraction Between the Wars Week Ten Lecture 19 American Art Before World War II Lecture 20 Abstract Expressionism and the New American Sculpture Week Eleven Lecture 21 Postwar European Art Lecture 22 Pop Art and Europe's New Realism I Week Twelve Lecture 23 Pop Art and Europe's New Realism II Lecture 24 Sixties Abstraction Week Thirteen Lecture 25 The Second Wave of International Style Architecture Lecture 26 The Pluralistic Seventies Week Fourteen Lecture 27 Postmodernism in Architecture Lecture 28 The Retrospective Eighties Week Fifteen Lecture 29 Resistance and Resolution Lecture 30 Conclusion of the Course

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