Lecture Schedule

Below is the outline of our course lectures. This schedule may be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances or opportunities.
Readings: The course is set up to follow the chapters in the Snyder. You should read the entire book, although we will not cover every work of art. Please see the particular Slide List for information on which works of art have been shown.

Week One:
	Lecture 1:	Introduction to the Course

	Lecture 2:	"The International Style": Bohemia
On Early Printing: Woodcuts Week Two Lecture 3: The Valois Courts and the Low Countries Pt l Lecture 4: The Valois Courts and the Low Countries Pt ll Week Three Lecture 5: Germany Lecture 6: The Rhineland Week Four Lecture 7 Jan van Eyck l Lecture 8 Jan van Eyck ll Week Five Lecture 9 Robert Campin and Rogier van der Weyden Lecture 10 Petrus Christus, Dieric Bouts, and Sculpture Week Six Lecture 11 Ghent: Joos van Ghent, Hugo van der Goes Lecture 12 Midterm The Midterm is explained here Week Seven Lecture 13 Geertgen tot Sint Jans, Woodcuts, Sculpture Lecture 14 Bruges: Hans Memlinc, Gerard David Week Eight Lecture 15 French Art: Survey of Chapter 11 Lecture 16 German Art: Survey of Chapter 12 Week Nine Lecture 17 Matthias Grunwald (aka Mathis Gothart Neithart) Lecture 18 Albrecht Durer Week Ten Lecture 19 Responses to Albrecht Durer Lecture 20 Week Eleven Lecture 21 Hans Holbein, Elder and Younger Lecture 22 Week Twelve Lecture 23 Hieronymus Bosch Lecture 24 Survey of Chapter 17 Week Thirteen Lecture 25 Lecture 26 Week Fourteen Lecture 27 Lecture 28 Week Fifteen Lecture 29 Lecture 30
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