A General Bibliography for Renaissance Art and Architecture

For your general delectation and future reference, here is a brief list of some of the basic sources for Renaissance art and architecture, divided into Italian and Northern sections. Even the general literature is vast in number and subject, so use the titles below as the beginnings of more extensive browsing.

Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture




Use the third edition of 1985, for it has a section on "recent" scholarly work. While this is somewhat behind the times, it has the advantage of including the considerations on subsequent studies by the man considered to have been perhaps the most influential of Italian Renaissance scholars of the second half of this century.

While much of this is outdated, it still includes useful material, including some artists Pope-Hennessy doesn't discuss and relevant bibliography.

A good handbook for Florence; moving from the Pisani to Mannerism and the Late Renaissance.


City/Regional/Thematic Treatments


Northern Renaissance Art and Architecture



(Above Left) Detail, Luca della Robbia, the Cantoria, 1431-1438.

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