The Slide Lists

You will receive a list of works of art to be shown in each class. These will then be posted here, by date. I am going to try to link some of them to images on the Web. However, the book is extremely well-illustrated and there are also links to various works of art on the Schedule page. Figure numbers will not be listed. Please note: these lists may be posted some days after the lecture reflected here. These lists are not replacements for attendance.

Slide Lists for January 12 to February 2

Art in Siena: "The Virgin's Ancient City"

A Bit of Vocabulary

  1. buon fresco ("true fresco")
  2. fresco secco ("dry fresco")
  3. giornata/ giornate=day, days (in fresco making)
  4. tramezzo, or, ponte
  5. narrative=the story
  6. iconography
  7. attribute
  8. patron saint=every city has at least one, and often more than one.

Realize that the Adams book comes equipped with a vocabulary list; this is just to get you started.

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