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This page contains references to some frank opinions on graduate school in the humanities, discussions of current professional issues in art history, associations, job listings, and links to some art history departments.

Below this please find some study break material, most of which is rather less serious.


Should You really go to Graduate School in the Humanities?

Some General Art History Publications--and Others that are Useful

Job Hunting in Art History Links to CAA, CHE, H-Net, and more.

Pippin Michelli's Site on Art History

Art History Graduate Programs

Other Art History Sites of Interest

Things to do while you're waiting for the award offers to pour in.

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Should You really go to Graduate School in the Humanities, particularly Art History?

This is a Modest Collection of Basic Information Sources for Those who wish Information about the Current State of Graduate School in the Humanities.

Graduate School in the Humanities: Just Don't Go

Part Two of the Harsh Wisdom of the above Author

The Ph.D. Problem. By Louis Menand. Published in Harvard Magazine, Nov./Dec. 2009. Read this before applying to any graduate school.

Making College 'Relevant'. By Kate Zernike from the New York Times, "Education Life" December 29 2009.

The Crisis of the Humanities Officially Arrives. By Stanley Fish. From the New York Times Opinionator, October 11, 2010.

We Need to Acknowledge the Realities of Employment in the Humanities. By Peter Conn. From the April 4, 2010 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, which contains several articles on the current situation of graduate humanities programs and their students.


A Modest Proposal for the Reform of Academe "Rather than all the plum humanities positions going to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton alums, we would have a more meritocratic system where job searches would seek candidates with lesser pedigrees, but better-educated trigger fingers." Ken Mondschein, Ph.D. Plus links to considerations of other problems.

Alternative Careers for Art Historians
Charles Rosenberg's great (and rather more comforting) resource.

Some General Art History Publications--and Others that are Useful

American Association of University Professors Their "Journal of Academic Freedom" is aimed more at tenure-track and tenured professors, but peruse it once in a while to get an idea about current problems. Each issue also carries a list of colleges and universities condemned for bad behavior. Realize that the employment ads at CAA aren't going to tell you about this.

The Art History Newsletter

Art News. More US-based, more modern and contemporary art.

Art Newspaper International art news.


Association of Art Historians "The Association was formed in the UK in 1974 to promote the study of art history. It represents the interests of art and design historians in all aspects of the discipline, including art, design, architecture, photography, film and other media, cultural studies, conservation and museum studies." From their Home Page. Also has links to some UK museums, the Times and other UK newspapers.

The Chronicle of Higher Education Very useful and informative publication; many helpful articles dealing with all sorts of issues.

College Art Association Consider subscribing to this for a few years although its responses to critical problems in the field--or lack of same--can be irritating.

Job Hunting in Art History

The Chronicle of Higher Education They seem to have a lot of jobs. (well, relatively...)

College Art Association Fewest jobs--apparently they are the most expensive place to post--but they are almost all full-time. Note that they frequently leave up announcements that have actually expired. They seem to have the most jobs, but they include lots of part-time positions. Search here for jobs in the UK and Europe (sometimes posts US jobs but you'll see those first at the sites above this).

Art History Positions The low-down on what's happening in current searches by the candidates themselves.

Universities to Love Rationalizations from the rejected.

Unniversities to Fear Rationalizations from the rejected.

Art Dealer Is Charged With Stealing $88 Million I applied for a job with this fellow's gallery. Guess I was lucky to get turned down.

Pippin Michelli's Site on Art History

Follow the link to a discussion of art history and related fields.

Art History Graduate Programs

I will list the Web site of any art history graduate program willing to send me its address.

Special Florida Art History Graduate Schools Spot

Other Art History Sites of Interest

Assorted Non-Western Art History (and Related) Sites:

General Non-Western Sites

Arts of Africa

Asian Arts

Islamic Art

I will begin posting links to such collections, many of which will be coming from Christiane Gruber's postings on her H-ISLAMART@H-NET.MSU.EDU listserv.

Assorted Interesting Sites

For Your Mood in the Seminar

Bad Mood

Good Mood

Not Doing All That Well?


Some Life Outside of Graduate School

Randy Newman Before He Went Soft

Tom Lehrer

Above all, Never Give Up


Other Art History Sites of Interest, if Not Renumeration

Political Campaigns

"Don't vote--it only encourages them" : Alice Roosevelt Longworth (1884-1980)

"I can run the country or I can control Alice; I can't do both" : President Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

Good sites:

"Oh, How They Lied: No One's Hired a Specialist in Eskimo Architectural Theory to a Tenure-Track Position in the US in the Last Fifty Years!"

Or, another take on Alternative Careers for Art Historians

Too Many Critical Issues? Relax with Art History Quicktime Movies

New Stuff: Not Going to Italy this Summer? Bring a Bit into Your Home.

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