Survey of Western Art History 131

Ancient to Medieval

The Honors Section

Honors Section

Palazzo Davanzati, Florence. A private palace from the 14th/15th centuries.

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Here is a gathering of information specifically for the Honors Section.

  1. There will be a Quiz on Roman Art (the entire chapter) on Monday 29 October. This will use the Slide Comparison format. For more information on this, see here

After the Quiz, we will continue with Late Antique and Early Christian Art. Then we will have an art historical film of great seriousness.


The Final will be conducted just like the Midterm. That is, during the Final period you will write an essay which you will have previously composed outside of class. It will cover the material from after the midterm to the end of the course. Again, here's how it works:

Below you will find three essay questions of a general type, of which you will write up two outside of class. When you come to class, you will be given a blue book and a piece of paper which will contain two of the questions: 1 and 2, or 2 and 3, or 1 and 3. You will pick one of the questions and write up that one. Since you will have prepared two of the three topics outside of class, the final should take you not much longer than just writing out your previously-composed essay.

During the periods covered, you may use any works of art in our text or attached to the Monuments list.

The Periods are: Late Antiquity, Byzantine, Islamic, Early Medieval, Carolingian, Ottonian, Romanesque, and Gothic.

You need to use 6-8 works of art, and refer to art from 3 chapters of our text.

The completed essay needs to be 5-6 pages long.

Please note that I will also be looking for the correct use of art historical terminology in your essay, along with a good selection of examples and thoughtful composition.

You may refer briefly to one or two works of art from the pre-Midterm part of the course, but these will not be counted with the total works of art you need to use.

Note also that you will have 2 and 1/2 hours for the exam and you should be able to use this longer time period to write your essay with care.

No slides will be shown during the final. You may not use any notes in writing up the final in class. Please do not be late. If you have to leave the room for any reason during the final you cannot return.

Do not miss the final. Only the most extreme misfortunes--fully documented--will provide an acceptable excuse.

Essay Topics for the Final

For coverage, please begin with Late Antique art at the earliest.

  1. Discuss the development of the basilica from its origins in the early Christian period to the Gothic churches of the 13/14th centuries. Please note that the correct use of the appropriate terminology is especially important here.
  2. Discuss sculpture: its fall and rise during this period.
  3. Discuss the importance of the pilgrimage in the Medieval period. You may also use the Crusades and the influenced of Islamic art. You should discuss from among architecture, decoration such as stained glass and sculpture, and the importance of the cult of relics.

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