Survey of Western Art History 131

Ancient to Medieval

Summer Session, 2008

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Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, England. Dated from 2750-1300 B.C./B.C.E.

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Purpose of the Course: This is a first-year semester survey of major monuments and trends in the history of painting, sculpture, and architecture covering the period from the Stone Age to the art of the Early Christian and Byzantine periods. Students who attend lectures and study faithfully will achieve a sufficient knowledge of the art of these periods to pursue further coursework in these areas. They will also have a good background for the second course in this series, Survey of Western Art 132, which covers art from the Later Medieval period to Contemporary Art.

REQUIRED Text: Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 12th edition, 2006, VOL. 1. Edited by Kleiner and Mamiya.


EXAMS: There will be four quizzes and a final. The quizzes as a group and the final are each worth one half of your grade. ATTENDANCE is required, will be taken, and will be counted toward your final grade. The class moves along very quickly and it is easy to get behind if you start taking days off. Students are allowed one excused absences (except for the days of the midterm, and the final). Acceptable proof for an excused absence involves proof of illness, required court appearance, or other such compelling reason. These are usually letters on the appropriate official stationary. Lateness may, at the discretion of the instructor, also be counted as an absence. NO MAKE-UP EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN except under the most exceptional circumstances.

GRADING: The numerical scale is: 100-90 is an A; 89 is A-; 88-87 is a B+; 86-80 is a B; 79 is a B-; 78-77 is a C+; 76-70 is a C; 69 is a C-; 68-67 is a D+; 66-60 is a D; and 59 and below is an F.

Disabilities Services: The College promotes equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities. If you have a disability and may need any assistance, please notify your instructor and make an appointment immediately with Disability Services.

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