Survey of Western Art History 131

Ancient to Medieval

Schedule of Lectures

Schedule of Lectures

The Dying Warrior
From the East Pediment of the Temple of Aphaia, Aegina, Greece, circa 490-480 B.C.
Now in the Glyptothek, Munich.

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Please note that the lecture schedule below is liable (nay, doomed) to change, but we will cover the material indicated. See the Current Academic Calendar for deadlines including adding, dropping, and withdrawing. A General Note on the Reading: You will read the entire book. Not everything in the book will be covered in class, but you will profit from the additional knowledge provided by your familiary with the entire text. Note also that at the end of every chapter is a "Chronological Overview." Please look this over as well.

Week One : Thursday, May 15

Babylon Today

Hallliburton Destroys Babylon

Current Situation for Ancient Art in Iraq

Week Two : May 20 and 22

Week Three : May 27 and 29

Week Four : June 3 and 5

Week Five : June 10 and 12

Week Six : June 17 and 20


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