Survey of Western Art History 131

Ancient to Medieval

The Midterm

On the Midterm

Laocoon. 1st century AD copy of the Hellenistic original by Athanadoros, Hagesandros, and Polydoros of Rhodes.
Now in the Vatican City Museums.

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DON'T READ THIS For the Midterm you will be shown 20 different images of works of art you have seen in this class. All of the art we have seen in class from the first lecture through the lecture previous to the midterm are fodder for the exam.
For each work shown you will:

  1. Identify it by title (ie, the Venus of Willendorf); date (ie, Paleolithic), artist (unknown) and location (not relevant here).
    Date: Use the Period Date on the Monuments List
    Location: For some works of art, most notably, buildings, permanently installed works (such as a Triumphal Arch), and frescoes, you will need to indicate the location: For example, the Temple of Hera, Paestum, Italy.
  2. Answer a short question, often a fill-in-the-blank. For example: "It is thought that the shape of the Venus of Willendorf refers to _____________." The answer here would be fertility or childbearing. Either answer is fine.

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