Survey of Western Art History 132

Renaissance to Contemporary

On the Quizzes

On the Quizzes

Ingres. Detail, Jupiter and Thetis. 1811. Musee' Granet, Aix-en-Provence, France.

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The Quiz Experience

You will have six lovely quizzes, which in total will count for one third of your course grade. They will be short, and given at the beginning of the class. The quiz with the lowest score will be dropped. Thus the remaining five quizzes (100 points possible total) will comprise the final grade for this portion of the course.

These experiences will assist you in organizing and expressing your understanding of the material of the course. The quizzes will use the "Slide Comparison" method, which is described in exhaustive detail at the site linked here. These quizzes will require you to memorize a number of works of art, which you will find on the List of Monuments page and which have been cited in class.

We will go over the type of quiz in class and you may ask or e-mail me questions at any time (

Quizzes Are Also Listed on the Lecture Page


  1. Monday class: 22 April Eighteenth Century Art: Watteau to the U.S. Capitol
  2. Tuesday/Thursday class Tuesday, 23 April (both sections): Eighteenth Century Art: Watteau to the U.S. Capitol

Fifth QUIZ

  1. Monday class: 8 April : 17TH CENTURY SPAIN, and 17TH CENTURY FLANDERS AND HOLLAND
  2. Tuesday/Thursday class Thursday, 11 April(both sections): 17th Century Flanders and 17th-Century Holland.

THURSDAY MARCH 27: Fourth Quiz!
NOTE: Different Quizzes for Different Sections

  1. Monday class: Venetian art.
  2. TTh 9:30 class: Mannerism and Chapter 18--16th-Century Northern European art.
  3. TTh 11:00 class: Chapter 18--16th-Century Northern European art.

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