The Midterm Paper for the Honors Section of Art 132

As an honors student in this course you are called upon to work in a somewhat different manner from those in other sections. Here for your Midterm you will write a short paper in which you will focus on one work of art in the Lowe Art Museum from the Western art collections corresponding to the period covered by our course: Late Medieval/Early Renaissance to Contemporary Art. You are urged (in fact, you were urged at the start of this course) to visit the Museum on your own to get an idea of the range of the collection and which works are of interest to you. We will have a guided tour at some early point.

You will write this paper in three basic parts:

  1. A preliminary statement of at least one paragraph in which you name your choice, why, and what you think will be your approach. Due: Monday 9 October
  2. A first draft to be looked over and corrected by me. Due: Wednesday 25 October
  3. A final draft which is the final paper. Due: Friday 10 November

The paper should be based upon your observations and opinions and research sources, with the appropriate use of footnotes and bibliography. I will give you more specific guidance on useful sources as part of my response to your preliminary statement (Wikipedia won't be among them).

The paper should be organized around one question, which you will ask at the start of the paper. Among the possibilities are: Why did (or does) this artist work in this style/ with this particular subject? What qualities made or make this artist avant garde, retrograde, popular or obscure? Don't be afraid to ask another type of quesion! Note that sometimes you can get some stimulating impressions by watching the reactions of other museum visitors.

The paper needs to be typed, double-spaced (no more or less) with one inch margins on all sides. It needs to be 3-5 pages long.

On Researching and Writing the Paper

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