On the Quizzes

During this course you will have the pleasure of taking five lovely quizzes. These are intended to help you digest the course material and perhaps also to think about the art you've seen and the reading you've done in another way. Remember that the quiz with the lowest score will be dropped when it comes time to figure out your grade. However, it is best not to blow off a quiz--unless it's the last one, and you've gotten top scores on the previous four.

The quizzes will be of different types:

This schedule will be revised for the next administration of this course

The FIRST QUIZ will be a take-home short essay. You will be given the assignment in class on Wednesday, January 22. It is due in class on Monday, January 27. No late short essays. Here it is:

The SECOND QUIZ will be in an in-class slide comparison exercise. This will be given on Wednesday, Feb. 26.

The THIRD QUIZ will be given out on Wednesday, March 26. You are, at home, to write up TWO comparisons of works of art--if in class, these would be called slide comparisons. Each comparison is to be one page long (about 300 words), and it is to be typed. You will pick the comparisons and then write up each one in a persuasive manner.This will be due in class on Friday, March 28. Please do send me any attachments. Thank you.

The FOURTH QUIZ will be given in class on Friday, April 11. This will be a slide comparison/contrast quiz; two pairs. Coverage will extend from Botticelli (from Slide List 2).

The FIFTH QUIZ will be given in class on Friday, April 25. This will also be a slide comparison/contrast quiz with two pairs. The coverage will begin with the art listed under : Rome: Bramante, Michelangelo, and Raphael on Slide List 3.

Description of the last quiz to follow.

Shown: Pietro Lorenzetti, left panel from his Birth
of the Virgin.  1342. Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Siena. The link is
to a site on the full painting.

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