The Slide Lists

You will receive a list of works of art to be shown in each class. These will then be posted here, by date. I am going to try to link them to images on the Web, especially if they are not well-illustrated in your books.

When it comes time to have our lovely Final, which will be a combination of slide comparisons and an essay, the post-Midterm version of this list will be annotated with a fetching red ball: for the works you will need to know.

January 17 (Friday) and 22 (Wednesday)

Background; many of the works of art listed below are to be seen on the sites linked to the Schedule page.

January 27, 29, and 31 (Monday through Friday)

Continued with Giotto; review those three Madonnas.


Art in Siena: "The Virgin's Ancient City"

Vocabulary for the Week

  1. buon fresco ("true fresco")
  2. fresco secco ("dry fresco")
  3. giornata/ giornate=day, days (in fresco making)
  4. tramezzo, or, ponte
  5. narrative=the story
  6. iconography
  7. attribute
  8. patron saint=every city has at least one, and often more than one.

February 3-7

Florence: The Doors for the Baptistery

Florence: Orsanmichele

February 10-14

Filippo Brunelleschi (1377-1446) the Architect

The Development of the Palace in Florence

Alberti and Perspective

Some Vocabulary

  1. piano nobile
  2. The Orders--Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Composite (also Tuscan)
  3. Vitruvius On Architecture
  4. proportion
  5. pietra serena
  6. pilaster, column
  7. entablature
  8. triangular pediment
  9. volute
  10. scratched relief (rilievo schiacciato
  11. linear (or, one-point perspective)
  12. atmospheric perspective
End of Page Amusement: On Florence, Rome, Art History, and Cigars By a kinda famous U.S. actor who undertook the martyrdom of earning an M.A. in art history in the Syracuse program.
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