Art History 101

Survey of Visual Art

Spring, 2001

Course Description and Requirements

Jackson Pollock painting in his studio, circa 1950.

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Resources in Art History for Graduate students
The Perseus Project
Art Historians' Guide to the Movies
The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum


Purpose of the Course: This is a first year, beginning level course for students who seek to learn more about art: the objects, the ideas, the techniques, the artists. period.

PREREQUISITES: None. Students should have a sufficient command of English to participate in discussions, write short essays, and do the reading.

REQUIRED Text: Living with Art, by Rita Gilbert. 5th edition, 1992. This is available in the bookstore. You will have specific reading assignments from this text; you should also use it as a sourcebook for general information on art. Note that we will have one or two additional readings from other sources; you will be told about these in due time.


Students in this class will be asked to complete a number of short assignments ("Quizzes"), which will take place both in the classroom and independently. There will be seven of these; the one with the lowest score will be dropped. There will also be a midterm and a final. HereMs how it breaks down:

ATTENDANCE is required, will be taken, and will be counted toward your final grade. Much of the quality of this class depends upon your participation. If you are not here, you can't participate. PARTICIPATION is also part of your grade. Your thoughtful participation in class discussions will also be a factor in your final grade. Lateness may, at the discretion of the instructor, be counted as an absence.

NO MAKE-UP QUIZZES OR EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN. The quizzes/projects are due on a certain day, and you must hand them or be present in class to take them, in on that day. If one of these is done in class, and you miss the class, you have also missed the opportunity to take the quiz. Note that there are no excused absences except in the case of severe illness, a documentable family emergency, or required participation in a college sporting event. For consideration of all or any of these as excuses, the student must present written proof satisfying to the instructor.

Disabilities Services: The College promotes equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities. If you have a disability and may need any assistance, please notify your instructor and make an appointment immediately with Disability Services.

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