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Gothic architectural sculptures From the Web Gallery of Art.


  1. Nicola Pisano, pulpit of the baptistry of Pisa Cathedral. 1259-1260. Marble. View.
  2. Nicola Pisano, The Annunciation and the Nativity (detail of above. ). Marble relief.
  3. Giovanni Pisano. The Annunciation and the Nativity, from Sant'Andrea, Pistoia. 1297-1301. Marble relief.
Other Trecento Sculptors


Bonaventura Berlinghieri

  1. Bonaventura Berlinghieri. Panel from the St. Francis Altarpiece, 1235. San Francesco, Pescia.

Pietro Cavallini (active 1273-1308)

  1. Pietro Cavallini. Seated Apostles, detail from the Last Judgm ent, circa 1291. Fresco, Santa Cecilia in Trastevere, Rome.
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Giovanni Cimabue (circa 1240-1302)

  1. Madonna Enthroned with Angels and Prophets, ci rca 1280-1290. Tempera on wood.
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Giotto, 1267-1337
  1. Giotto. Madonna Enthroned, circa 1310. Tempera on wood.
  2. The Arena Chapel, Padua, Interior view.
  3. Giotto. Fresco cycle of the Life of the Virgin and the Life of Christ in the the Arena Chapel.

    Detail: The Meeting of Joachim and Anna.

    Detail: The Lamentation over the Dead Christ.

  4. Giotto. Fresco cycle of the Life of St. Francis, circa 1320, church of Santa Croce.

    Detail: The Death of St. Francis.

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Taddeo Gaddi (circa 1300-1366)

  1. The Meeting of Joachim and Anna. 1338. Fresco, Baroncelli Chapel, Santa Croce, Florence.
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Painting in Siena

Duccio (circa 1255-circa 1318)

  1. Duccio. The Maesta Altarpiece. 1308-1311.

    Detail: Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints.

    Detail: The Betrayal of Jesus.

Simone Martini (circa 1280-1344)

  1. The Annunciation. Circa 1333. Tempera.

The Lorenzetti (both d. 1348)

  1. Pietro Lorenzetti. The Birth of the Virgin. Circa 1342. Tempera.
  2. Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Allegory of Good Government, fresco, 1338- 1339. Palazzo Pubblico, Siena.

    Detail: Peaceful City

    Detail: Peaceful Country

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Painting in Tuscany in the mid-fourteenth century

  1. Bonamico Buffalmacco or Francesco Traini. The Triumph of Death. Fresco, Camposanto, Pisa, circa 1340.

    Triumph of Death frescoes Virtual reality spin-around.

  2. Andrea Orcagna. Tabernacle with inlays of mosaic, gold, marble, lapis lazuli. Orsanmichele, Florence, 1350-1360. Contains the tempera panel painting, Madonna and Child with Saints by Bernardo Daddi. 1346-1347.

    Orcagna's painting and sculpture From the Web Gallery of Art.

    Gothic Architecture

    Organized by city or location; religious architecture first

    Assisi and Umbria
    • Cathedral 1290-1330. Lorenzo Maitani. Facade and south flank.
    • Cathedral Detail of sculpture of Inferno from the facade.
    • Cathedral The nave.
    • Pisa Several handsome photos of the Cathedral, the Camposanto, and the sculpture. Text in English.
    • Pisa in Virtual Reality Take a visual spin around the Camposanto!
    • The Camposanto Giovanni Pisano, circa 1280. Detail.
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