Art History 348

Rome in the Age of Bernini

Spring, 2007

Bibliography for Now and Later

Caravaggio. The Conversion of the Magdalen. 1597/1600.
Detroit Institute of the Arts.

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This page lists titles related to our course. These are of two types:

There will be a link to the books currently on reserve at the Art Library; more will be added through the term so check this link frequently. The reserve books include copies of the required texts and other titles that I think might be of use or of interest to you. The art history majors who have been privileged with the honor of writing a paper probably will find books and articles of interest here.

Note that there is also a blue binder (I'll get the official name as soon as it is set up) with some articles of the same types as mentioned above

A Very Partial Bibliography for Rome in the Age of Bernini (and some other, related subjects as well)

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