Art History 348

Rome in the Age of Bernini

Spring, 2007

Lectures and Web sites

Gianlorenzo Bernini.
Apollo and Daphne.
Marble, 1622/25.
Galleria Borghese, Rome.

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Below is the schedule of lectures for the term, with some Web sites of interest and relevance attached. You should at least take a look at these, as they often comprise the supplementary reading required for this course. Note that I assume a basic knowledge of the High Renaissance and the Baroque, of the sort that one would gain from the successful completion of the course Art History 206, or its equivalent. If this does not describe you, I urge you to explore any one of the several copies of Gardner's Art Through the Ages, currently on reserve at the Art Library.

Lecture Schedule

A Note on the Readings : Since there are three different editions of Wittkower, rather than writing three different versions of the page numbers you are required to read, let's just say that you should read everything about Rome from the beginning until 1700. The HibbardBernini should be read in full. Thus only the Varriano (Chapters 1-6) will be listed chapter by chapter.

Besides required readings, some optional readings are listed, for your general interest. These are (or will be) on reserve in the Art Library. They are marked here as *. Please note that the readings and the schedule as listed below may have to be adjusted due to circumstances.

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