Art History 348

Rome in the Age of Bernini

Spring, 2007

On the Quizzes

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.
A Bowl of Fruit. 1598/1601. Now Milan, Ambrosiana.

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On the Quizzes

You will have three brief, enjoyable opportunities to check up on your state of knowledge in this class. The format will vary: you may be shown some slides which you will be asked to identify and say something about, you may be asked to respond to a question about a particular topic, you may be asked to define some terms, or you may be given a combination ofthe above.

Dates for each of the quizzes:
April 11 ; May 16 ; and May 25

Quiz on Tuesday, April 11

This will cover the first two weeks of the course, and will include material from Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Rome covered in class. Use the notes posted on this site for guidance, but what I will be most interested in is your display of a general knowledge of :

Basically, what I will do is show you some slides and ask the significance of the works shown. You will also need to identify the works by artist (if known), date, and location if architecture. For works before the fifteenth century you may use as a date Ancient or Early Christian for the works that fall into either of those categories.

N. B.: The first edition of Wittkower's book dates to the late fifties, and his ambitions were to do the fullest possible treatment of his subject. This means that he included a certain amount of information about artists and projects that are, in terms of this course, rather obscure. Please use the material presented in class as your guide to using his book. This is true not just for this quiz, but for the rest of the course as well.

Quiz on May 30

By now, you know the routine. On Algardi, Duquesnoy, and Borromini.

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