Art History 348

Rome in the Age of Bernini

Spring, 2007

On The Paper

Carlo Maderno,
with Gianlorenzo Bernini, Francesco Borromini, and Pietro da Cortona.
Palazzo Barberini, Rome. Begun 1625.

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On the Paper

ART HISTORY majors are required to write a short paper for this class. They are then freed from having to take the midterm. If you are not an art history major but wish to undergo the ritual no, I mean the instructive and enjoyable experience of writing a paper, you may do so ONLY with my permission. You must ask my permission by April 6.

See below for fuller information on the Paper, including suggested topics.

The Paper for Rome in the Age of Bernini

The paper is meant to be short, 7 to 8 page study of a fairly tightly-focused subject or problem. You will need to select a topic rather quickly (see below), and you will need to follow the schedule of production ofthe paper with all due attention. What I look for in the paper is primarily skill in the use of sources and compositional excellence. I am also interested in seeing something of a personal take or interpretation, but this is not as important in a paper of this type, which is intended to be short and in the main descriptive.

Please note that once you have selected a topic you must continue to work on that topic unless you receive permission from me to change the topic.

On the Schedule

April 10 Deadline for a two-paragraph description of your topic. Be ready to state why you have chosen this topic and how you intend to handle it.

May 2 Annotated Bibliography is due. You must hand in a list of the sources you will be using, describing each. You must indicate to me that you have seen these sources and know how you will use them. This last is most important. If the Annotated Bibliography is not done correctly your final grade will be brought down by one-half. If you do not have the Annotated Bibliography to give to me on this date you must take the Midterm.

May 18 Outline or First Draft: your choice, but I need to see some writing of a developed sort.

May 30 Due Date for Paper.

Suggested Topics for the Paper

As I mentioned in class, there has been an enormous amount of work done on Italian Baroque subjects in the last 25-30 years, inspired in part by the work of Rudolf Wittkower and Richard Krautheimer. While there is a great deal of excellent recent work, we here have two problems:

  1. Many valuable studies are in Italian or languages other than English;
  2. Our art library has not been able to keep up on the newer publications in English.

I have therefore put together the list below of suggested topics which seem to be doable here. You will probably have to order a few titles from InterLibrary Loan, but I hope to have set up some ideas here that can be done with sources for the most part available here.

Also please note that for the most part I foresee that you will work on one example of painting, sculpture, architecture, etc under the selected topic.

Please also note that because of the difficulty in obtaining sources (at least as compared with the Renaissance) only one person, please, for each particular subject.


By Artist

Other Subjects, including Architecture

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