Description of the Course: This is an upper division survey of sculpture in Italy from Nicola Pisano to Michaelangelo and the later Venetian sculptors: generally, the period from the mid-thirteenth century to the late sixteenth century. Special attention will be paid to major artists of this period, including the Pisani, Ghiberti, Nanni di Banco, Donatello, Verrocchio, Jacopo Sansovino, and Ammannati, and to special sculptural projects and themes such as religious sculpture, Orsanmichele and the ideals of public sculpture, tomb monuments, and portraiture.

Prerequisites: Art History 105 and Art History 106. Or, permission of the instructor.


N. B. : You will also be asked to read some articles, mostly from Sarah Blake McHam's Looking at Italian Renaissance Sculpture, and a few of Vasari's Lives of the Artists. The ones you are expected to read are included among those attached to this Website. Copies of all of the other readings will be placed on reserve at the Art History Library.

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Course Requirements
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Course Requirements in Brief

There will be four quizzes, worth 25 points each. You will have a midterm, a final, and a 7-10 page research paper. Each unit is worth 100 points and counts 25% of your grade. The RESEARCH PAPER: for this you will choose a sculpture from an area museum to analyze according to a particular format. More details on this paper can be found at its Website, listed above.

Basic Advice for This Class

As you know from having taken Art 105 and/or Art 106, the history of art is a cumulative subject; the material cannot be crammed in an overnight session before the exam. Do the reading before coming to class; take notes from the lectures; go over your notes and your reading periodically. Take advantage of the Web sites, slides, and photographs posted downstairs. You will need to use the Art Library next door both to do the article readings, research, and general browsing. Take advantage of my office hours! If you have a very specific question (Ex: "When is the Midterm?") you can contact me.

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Lecture Schedule and Reading for Art 354

Note that this schedule may be adjusted due to prevailing circumstances; however, we will cover all of the material.

NO. 1 Jan. 19 Introduction to the Course; Background to Italian Renaissance Sculpture Begin Olson; Helms; begin to explore Web sites
WEBSITE Italian Romanesque Sculpture Look over
NO. 2 Jan. 21 Italian Romanesque Sculpture Olson
WEBSITE Late Gothic Art in Italy AND : Trecento Sculpture
No. 3 Jan. 26 Pisa and the Pisani: Nicola Pisano and Giovanni Pisano Vasari's life of Nicola Pisano; Raspi (look over) ALSO: visit the Pisa Baptistery
NO. 4 Jan. 28 Sculpture for the Facades of Religious Buildings Olson
NO. 5 Feb. 2 First Quiz Venice and the Veneto Olson; Demus
WEBSITE Trecento Sculpture
NO. 6 Feb. 4 Tombs : For Saints, Holy People; for Rulers and Ecclesiastics Moskowitz; Robertson
WEBSITE Trecento Tombs
No. 7 Feb. 9 Civic Sculpture McHam, "Public Sculpture..."
WEB SITE Some Civic Sculpture
No. 8 Feb. 11 The Bronze Doors for the Baptistery of Florence: From Andrea Pisano to Ghiberti Vasari's Life of Brunelleschi : Pt. 1; Vasari's Life of Ghiberti; Krautheimer
No. 9 Feb. 16 Second Quiz Donatello I: Early Sculptures and Orsanmichele Begin Avery
WEBSITE Fifteenth Century Italian Art I and Quattrocento Sculpture
No. 10 Feb. 18 Orsanmichele Avery; Zervas
WEB SITE Orsanmichele Please note that this is a commercial site.
No. 11 Feb. 23 Donatello II: circa 1420-1445 Avery; Janson; Pope-Hennessy, Donatello: look over
No. 12 Feb. 25
No. 13 March 2 Donatello to circa 1440 Avery
No. 14 March 4 Donatello to ca. 1450. Avery
No. 15 March 9 Quattrocento Tomb Monuments; Portraiture Lavin Pico della Mirandola, Oration on the Dignity of Man
WEBSITE Fifteenth Century Italian Art II
No. 16 March 11 Donatello IV: Padua and the Last Works in Florence Finish Avery
No. 17 March 23 Popular Devotional Sculpture; Small Bronzes; the Collector Posner OR Klapisch-Zuber; Kenseth; Pope-Hennessy
No. 18 March 25 Third Quiz Later Quattrocento Tomb Monuments The Chapel of the Cardinal of Portugal (look over)
No. 19 March 30 Venice and the Veneto, 1450s-1490s : I McHam (look over)
No. 20 April 1 Venice and the Veneto : II Luchs; Sheard
WEBSITE Sculpture in Venice and the Veneto: ca. 1460-1620
No. 21 April 6 Leonardo and his influence (Rustici); Begin Michelangelo Begin Hibbard; Wallace (Pieta)
WEBSITE Michelangelo
No. 22 April 8 NO CLASS Hibbard; Wallace (Looking)
No. 23 April 13 Michelangelo II Hibbard; Liebert; Saslow
No. 24 April 15 Michelangelo III; Lorenzetto, Andrea Sansovino Bonito; Poeschke: look over
No. 25 April 20 FOURTH QUIZ Jacopo Sansovino, Leone Leoni Vasari's Lives of Sansovino and his disciples (skim); Poeschke: look over
No. 26 April 22 PAPER IS DUE Mannerism and the Medici I: Baccio Bandinelli, Benvenuto Cellini From Cellini's Autobiography; Posner ("Bandinelli and Michelangelo")
No. 27 April 27 Mannerism and the Medici II: Ammannati, Danti, Giambologna Avery, Giambologna (look over)
No. 28 April 29 Sansovino's School: Danese Cattaneo, Girolamo Campagna, Alessandro Vittoria Vasari's Life of Jacopo Sansovino (browse)

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