A Guide to Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture

This is the first edition of a database planned to include articles, images, and links to outside sources on all aspects of the Art and Architecture of the Italian Renaissance. Please explore the site as you wish; I would like to hear your responses or suggestions. You may also link to the site at any point; however, you may not copy any portions of this site without my written permission.

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Source Page 1

The Source Page is the central index for this site, currently divided into two parts:

Index to Italian Renaissance Cities

Florence, Rome, and Venice
Sites for each city with links to online exhibitions, texts, and other modern resources.

Index to Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture Sites

Search by century: the Trecento, the Quattrocento, and the Cinquecento
Further divided into painting, sculpture, and architecture

Index to Italian Renaissance Cities

General cultural information on each of the three major cities of the Italian Renaissance


Index to Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture Sites

Links to specific sites and examples of painting, sculpture, architecture, and other arts of the Italian Renaissance

The Trecento
The Quattrocento
The Cinquecento

Source Page 2

General Topics on the Italian Renaissance

Renaissance Societies, Image Collections, online texts, Vasari's Lives of the Artists, modern and contemporary sources, programs and courses, and more.

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