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Venice : Sources Geographical, Touristical, and Historical

Here is the Webcam at Piazza San Marco

Gondoliers Sing for Obama!

Venezia Serenissima Virtual Tours all over Venice.

Michael of Rhodes: a Medieval Mariner and his Manuscript "In 1401 a young man named Michael of Rhodes joined the Venetian navy as a lowly galley oarsman. Over the next four decades, he sailed on more than 40 voyages and took part in five major sea battles, rising through the ranks to become a trusted galley commander. Michael documented his life and knowledge in a remarkable manuscript. Only recently rediscovered, it chronicles Michael's service record and includes more than 200 pages of commercial and calendrical computations, a beautifully illustrated section on astrology, some of the earliest surviving portolan aids to navigation, and the world's first known treatise on shipbuilding." See here!

News about Venice

Venice Connected. Set up by the city of Venice to assist visitors in making reservations.

Venice Online Here set to the page on Current Events.

Citta' di Venezia The Commune of Venezia.

A Venice wiki.

Web cam of Venice

A Venice blog. Especially churches and cats.

Panorami di Venezia


Venetia. "The Web Site of Venice."

Origini della Toponomastica Veneziana Or, the origins of street names and the names of other places in Venice.

Veniceblog. All sorts of on-the-spot news: the World Cup (which one?), all known Web cams in Venice, and news. Just how promptly this is updated is a real question.

A Map of Venice Arranged by monument; some photographs also.

VeNETia For information on today's Venice: touristical, commercial, and somewhat historical.

Stranieri in Italia Useful information for foreigners living in Italy.

Save Venice, Inc Information on the U.S.-based organization's conservation and restoration activities.

Venice in Peril The British equivalent of "Save Venice".

A site on Venice by Diana Wright.

The Ghetto of Venice

On the Churches of Venice

Sound and Space in Renaissance Venice: Architecture, Music, Acoustics. This is actually an ad for a book of that title by Deborah Howard and Laura Moretti, but it has brief audio tracks of music from twelve churches in Venice.

The Church Floors in Venice, Italy: An Archeological Study and Analysis. By Amanda Delaive, et al. A report to the Archeology Superintence of Venice and UNESCO. All sorts of information on yes, floors, and also building techniques in general. (If this won't load, just enter the title into your favorite search engine. (Boy, do I hate PDFs)

Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo. This is the church's Web site.

Basilica dei Frari. The official site.

Chiesa di San Salvador. The official site.

Scuola Grande di San Rocco. Well, the church is just across the way.

On the Gondola

Gondola Preservation Institute

Voga alla Veneta A Web site devoted to "the unique rowing style - standing up, facing forward - that the Venetian gondolier employs to thread his craft through the city's narrow canals." Soon to be a major motion picture!

How to Build a Gondola Forget electric vehicles!

On the Forcola An important part of the gondola!


Carnival of Venice Like all of these sites, this is relentlessly commercial. May be useful.

Carnevale 2010 and links to other related sites.

Photos from 2004

Photos from 2003

The Masks of Carnevale.

One Source for Famous Italians

Language Studies: Latin Paleography and Online Dictionaries of the Venetian dialect

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