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Undergraduates will write one short paper according to directions to be supplied by the Professor. Graduate students, should there be any in this class, will follow a slightly different format. In creating this paper, students will be required to demonstrate basic research skills, acceptable (that is, good) writing skills and timely adherence to deadlines.

Pay attention to the Paper Requirements


Pay attention to the Professor's Gentle Suggestions

Paper Requirements

  1. You are to write one paper, of 6 to 8 pages, on one of the topics from the list below.
  2. You will have two opportunities to write this paper, corresponding to the two parts of the course. The paper of the first opportunity is due by Monday, October 4. The paper of the second opportunity is due Monday, November 29.
  3. If you choose to write the paper due before the midterm, you will need to choose from the subjects covered during that period, as listed below.
  4. If you choose to write the later paper, you will need to choose from the topics for that period, as listed below.
  5. You must select from the list of topics below.
  6. Format: Use 8 x 11.5 paper, one inch margins all around. Use twelve point type. Use footnotes or endnotes. No in-text notes.
  7. Besides notes, you will need to have a bibliography and plates (illustrations). These are not included in the paper length, which means that the final length of your paper could be significantly more than 6 to 8 pages.
  8. Number of items in the bibliography: this is going to depend on your subject, and how ambitious you become. You should probably have at least five sources, among books and articles. For each topic you will be given at least three relevant citations. Please note that you should not use 200-level art history survey texts among these sources.
  9. You must visit the Professor at least once re: your paper and your progress before you hand it in. If you cannot visit during office hours, you will need to be able to visit at some other time, to be arranged in consideration of both your and my schedule.

Paper Subjects

"Why is there a limited list of subjects?" I have selected subjects which I hope will be of interest to you, and which I know can be done in a reasonably short amount of time. I have put together a selection of sources which you are to use. These will be on reserve in the library. You may set up your paper as you wish, using these sources; suggestions are included with the article descriptions attached.

I require you to find at least one more source on your own. You may use only those Web sites linked to pages on our course Web site. No Wikipedia. No more than three people per topic, please. If there aren't enough to go around, I will put together some more. Here, click on each topic to see the descriptions of the sources.

First Paper: from Late Antiquity to Byzantine Art

  1. Depictions of Christ in Art
  2. The Catacombs and their Art
  3. Dura-Europos
  4. The Development of the Basilica and the central-plan church
  5. Byzantine Women, Theodora especially

Second Paper: from Late Byzantine to Late Gothic Art

  1. The Image of the Virgin Mary
  2. The Animal Style
  3. Mythical or Imaginary Animals (not the same as no. 2)
  4. The Development of Stained Glass
  5. The bronze doors of St. Michael's, Hildesheim
  6. The Cloisters cross
  7. The Unicorn Tapestry
  8. The High Gothic Cathedral

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