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A note on the reading: you are required to read all texts (Stokstad and the required articles) in full and to be familiar with all of the images shown in class.

August 23, 2004 August 23: Intro. to the Course
August 25: The Ancient Heritage
August 27: Late Antiquity
Stokstad: Chapter 1
A selection of Ancient Art
Look over (use "back"button to return)
August 30 August 30: Late Antiquity
September 1: The Early Christian Period
September 3: Friday Free
Stokstad: Chapter 2; Lowrie
On Early Christian Art
Has the cave of St. John the Baptist been discovered?
Please look over
September 6 September 6 Labor Day--no class
September 8 From Justinian to Iconoclasm
September 10 More of the Golden Age of Byzantium
Stokstad: Chapter 3; Procopius
Sant'Appollinare in Classe, Ravenna: exterior and interior
Please read
Procopius: History of the Wars "Justinian Suppresses the Nika Revolt: 532."
Please read
Procopius: The Secret History Just read the chapter headings, ie, "Proving That Justinian and Theodora Were Actually Fiends in Human Form"
Please read
(More for a paper)
Ravenna Web site Take a virtual tour of the high altar of San Vitale. Please explore.
September 13 September 13 More of the Golden Age of Byzantium
September 15 Still more of the Golden Age of Byzantium
September 17 Friday Free
As Above
Mosaics at San Vitale Just for the images; ignore text and bib.
Please look over
On the Slide Comparison
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September 20 September 20 Early Medieval Art in the West
September 22 QUIZ Early Medieval Art in the West, cont'd
September 24 Early Medieval Art in the West, cont'd
Stokstad, Chapter 4
The Oseberg ship
Please look over
Website for Celtic Art and Cultures
taught at UNC-Chapel Hill by Dorothy Verkerk.
Please look over
September 27 September 27 Carolingian Art
September 29 Carolingian Art, cont'd QUIZ
October 1 Friday Free
Stokstad, Chapter 5
October 4 October 4 Art of the East : Middle Byzantine Period
October 6 Middle Byzantine Period, cont'd Early Paper due
October 8 Jewish Art
Stokstad, Chapter 6
Middle Byzantine Art
Please read over
The Five Orders of Architecture
Please read over
October 11 October 11Islamic Art
October 13 Midterm
October 15 Friday Free
Stokstad, Chapter 6
On the Midterm
All About Venice Swot up on Venice--the most eastern city of the west--before you go!
Look over
October 18 October 18 Islamic Art, cont'd
October 20 Art at the Millennium
October 22 Art at the Millennium
Stokstad, Chapter 6; 7; Ettinghausen and Grabar (for Islamic)
Islamic Art
An Introduction to the history of Islamic Art from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Look over
October 25 October 25 Romanesque Art in Western Europe
October 27 Prof. goes away
October 29 Friday Free
Stokstad, Chapter 8
On Romanesque Art
From the Met, NYC.
Please browse
Sainte Marie Madeleine, Vezelay
Please browse
November 1 November 1 Romanesque Art in Western Europe, cont'd
November 3 Romanesque Art in Western Europe, cont'd
November 5 The Origins of Gothic Art
Stokstad, Chapters 8 ; 9, Low
On Romanesque Art
Please browse
WEBSITE On Gothic Art Please browse
November 8 November 8 Gothic Art
November 10 Gothic Art
November 12 Friday Free
Stokstad, Chapter 9; Branner
November 15 November 15 Mature Gothic ArtQUIZ
November 17 Mature Gothic Art
November 19 Mature Gothic Art
Stokstad, Chapter 10
November 22 November 22 Rayonnant Gothic, etc
November 24 ThanksgivingGo home
November 26 Thanksgiving Go home
Stokstad, Chapter 11 ; Adams, 291-356
Italian Painting of the 12th to early 14th Centuries
From Oneonta University.
The Trecento
Please look over
November 29 November 29 Later Paper Due Rayonnant Gothic, etc.
December 1 Late Gothic Art
December 3 Friday Free
Stokstad, Chapter 12
The beginnings of the romance :The Lady of Vergi
Please Read
The Hours of Jeanne d'Evreux by Jean Pucelle, ca. 1324-1328; and the Tres Riches Heures du Duc De Berry by the Limbourg brothers; ca. 1412-1416.
Please browse
December 6 December 6 The International Gothic
December 8 Maybe some Giotto?
December 10 Last Day of Class
Stokstad, Chapter 12
On the International Gothic
Please Read
Friday, December 12, 10:30am (2 hours)
Be There or Be Square
(Above right: The Virgin of Paris. Early 14th century. Notre Dame 
de Paris.)

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