On the Midterm

The Midterm is currently scheduled for Wednesday, October 13 during our class period. The exam will cover all of the course material from the first day of the class to two course days before the exam. It will take the entire class period.

The Midterm will be in essay form. You will be given three essay questions; two will be selected for the exam, and from the two you will pick one to write about in depth.

Therefore you will want to prepare two questions for the exam, because you will not know which two will be chosen before the exam begins. When you prepare two of the three, one is certain to be on the exam. The questions will be given to you about a week before the exam.

While students are encouraged to study together for this and all other exams, the final product must be your own. The submission of identical or nearly identical essays by two or more people will be considered cheating.

Students who miss the exam will be allowed to take it at another time only with the most persuasive, and documented excuses. Usually, a stretcher and life-support systems are involved.

Length of the essay: the equivalent of about 4 8.5 x 11 written pages. Not less; and not much more. Longer is not necessarily better.

Coverage: You will need to discuss at least six works of art, and not more than eight. These are not to be lists; you need to describe, date, and discuss the works of art in the context of the essay.

Questions for the Midterm

  1. Discuss the growth of Early Christian art from its origins in Late Antique (Roman) art and architecture.
  2. How was architecture developed and changed from the Early Christian period through that of the Carolingian? Cite different styles and plans of buildings, and, where you can, the interior design.
  3. Discuss the "animal style" and its influence in Western Europe.

Above right: Saint Bernward of Hildesheim from 
the Stammheim Missal, from the 1170s. Owned by the 

Getty Museum, Malibu. 

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