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On the Quizzes

Although there will be only two quizzes in this course, they will be important for measuring your critical acuity. The first will be on 22 September, and the second will be on Monday, 15 November. They will each be presented in the form of slide comparisons, two per quiz. We will go over the slide comparison in class--indeed, your lectures are essentially constructed on the slide comparison model--but here is a link to my own write up: On the Slide Comparison. You will also find this link on the Schedule page.

New Quiz: another Quiz will be given on Wednesday, September 29. It will also consist of two slide comparisons and will take from the material covered from the beginning of the course to Friday, September 24. Check the Slide pages for coverage.

The next quiz will be Monday, November 15. It will be in the same format as the previous two.

It is most important to remember that doing well on these depends not on rote memorization, but upon the cogently expressed critical observation of the similarities and differences between the two works of art. We'll discuss this further in class.

Remember that missed quizzes cannot be made up.

Above right: French or English, The Wilton Diptych
About 1395/99; King Richard II of England is presented to the Virgin and Child and angels.

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