A Guide to Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture

The Quattrocento

A Guide to the Sites of the Quattrocento in Art and Architecture

This is the front page and index for three separate sites on the Quattrocento, or the Italian Fifteenth Century. These sites have links and short texts for the areas of painting, sculpture, and architecture.

Web sites for almost all of these areas are vast in number and so perforce what you see here will be in most cases a more-or-less representative selection of what is available. I try not to use sites with lots of advertisements and I check links at least to one click to make sure that the site is not a front for an advertisement or something most people would find objectionable. Also, the number and quality of such Web sites grows all the time; I will try to supplement what you see here with the latest and best. If you find a site you think I should add, please contact me:

Adrienne DeAngelis, Editor acd@efn.org





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