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Trecento Painting

Giotto. The Meeting at the Golden Gate. Scrovegni/Arena Chapel, Padua.

Byzantine Art and Painting in Italy during the 1200s and 1300s An online "tour" from the NGA, Washington.

The Legacy of Giotto: Exhibition "Art in Florence 1340-1375". At the Uffizi Gallery, Florence. Strangely bleached-out Web site has a cute little video.

Artists are sorted first by location, and then by named artist.

Florence and Tuscany

Coppo di Marcovaldo (c. 1225-1280)

Cimabue (1240-1302)

Giotto (1267-1337)

Biographies and the Arena (Scrovegni) Chapel, Padua
Other Paintings by Giotto

Painting in the Upper and Lower Church at Assisi

That the frescoes are by Giotto is still controversial.

Bernardo Daddi (1280-1348)

Maso di Banco (active 1320-1350)

Taddeo Gaddi (d. 1366)

Giottino (c. 1320-1369)

Giovanni da Milano (active 1350-1369)

Andrea Orcagna (1308-1368)


Here is a beautiful Web site on The History of Sienese painting. In French.

"Strolling round Siena. An article by Andrew Lambirth in The Spectator, extolling the beauties of Siena and its art.

Guido da Siena (active circa 1250)

Duccio (active 1278-1318)

On the Maesta' Altarpiece

Other Duccio and Ducciesque Paintings

Simone Martini (circa 1280-1344)

One thing to notice here is the number of divided paintings and the different opinions about dating.

Lippo Memmi

He was the brother-in-law to Simone Martini, with whom he often worked.

Ugolino di Nerio (recorded from 1317-1327)

Segna di Bonaventura (d. circa 1331)

The Lorenzetti: Ambrogio and Pietro, both d. 1348

Barna da Siena (mid-14th century

Lippo Vanni (c. 1340 - c. 1375)

Andrea Vanni (active 1353--; died in 1413)


Pietro Cavallini (1240-c. 1325)

Venice and the Veneto

Paolo Veneziano (d. circa 1360)

Giusto Dei Menabuoi (fl. ca. 1350)

Altichiero (circa 1330-circa 1390)

Other Locations for Trecento Painting--or Unknown

  • Master of the Urbino Coronation, Crucifixion 1360s. "This painting was originally executed on fresh plaster on a wall in the church of Santa Lucia del Mercato, in the Italian city of Fabriano." Now in the MFA, Boston.

Above, top: Giotto, Meeting at the Golden Gate, from the Scrovegni Chapel, Padua.
Above, bottom: Detail from Barna da Siena, Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine, 1340.

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