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Alessandro Vittoria.
Feminone. 1550s.
Venice, Biblioteca Marciana.

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The Final

Here is the Description of the Final

The Final will be conducted very like the Midterm--just with different topics! For each topic, be ready to discuss 6-8 works of art in total. Remember this is not to be a list, but an essay with your own organization and viewpoint.

  1. Discuss the career of Titian and the developments of his art in theme and technique. Remember that you must discuss 6-8 of his works marking the progress of his career.
  2. Venetian painting is especially well-known for its secular themes. Choose one and discuss three painters who worked with this theme and discuss 6-8 of their works of art in total.
  3. Compare and contrast the architecture of Jacopo Sansovino and Andrea Palladio. Remember that you must discuss 6-8 of their buildingss over their careers.


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